Creating the Perfect Family Bathroom

Creating the Perfect Family Bathroom

Just because you’ve got kids, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want a stylish home. One of the areas that often gets overlooked is the family bathroom. But, when you think about it, the bathroom should actually be one of the main areas to get up to scratch. Pretty much every visitor will visit the bathroom, so here are some tips for how to create the perfect family bathroom.

One of the most important things with a family bathroom is that it’s practical for all ages. But practicality doesn’t mean compromising on style!

Get yourself some storage

It’s amazing how many different products and “things” you need as a family. Getting adequate storage for all of the bath products, bath toys, towels etc makes a huge difference. One of the worst things you can do is to have clutter lying around your bathroom when visitors arrive. Get it all tidied away and get the kids into the habit of tidying up after themselves too.

bathroom storage

Colour coordinate

Pick a colour scheme for your bathroom and stick to it. Choose bathroom ornaments and candles to accentuate the colours and bring it all together. You can opt for warm creams and browns for a luxurious feel.

bathroom accessories

Keep Cleaning Products Handy (but out of reach)

Kids mean mess, particularly when it comes to the bathroom! Keep your bathroom cleaning products handy so that you can quickly clean around when needed.

As always, make sure that cleaning products are kept out of sight and out of reach of young children.

Do you have any top tips for creating the perfect family bathroom?


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