How to survive the boss from hell

How to survive the boss from hell

I’m taking a bit of a risk putting this out there, but my boss is officially the BOSS FROM HELL. He’s only recently taken over where I work, and it’s safe to say that he’s succeeded in making his mark pretty quickly. After a few sleepless nights, and a few tears, I’ve come up with some coping mechanisms to get me through the day.

What constitutes the “boss from hell?”

I guess that everyone will have a different take on this, but the chances are that we’ve all worked for somebody who seems to live in close proximity with the devil himself.  There’s something about power and control that tends to bring out the absolute worst in people.

I’ve had two really rough bosses in my working life, and they’ve both been hellish in very different ways.

When I was first starting out in working life, I worked for a small company based in a warehouse in Stockport. The boss seemed really friendly and happy when I first met him, and I thought I’d be pretty happy working there. WRONG!

Within a few months, I started to see just how nasty this man was.

I was frequently sheltered from his true nastiness by my office manager who often took the brunt of his verbal temper.

But, over time, he started to let his happy, friendly visage slip.

I started to hear him yelling like a banshee down the phone to suppliers who’d let him down. Then, I’d hear raised voices at the lads in the warehouse for really minor issues.

Eventually, he started to physically throw things around the office. He sacked one man and threw a chair at him as he was leaving!

I was so glad to see the back of that job!

Fast forward a few years, and here I am again suffering in the hands of a boss from hell. But this one isn’t the shouty type.

My current boss comes across as very friendly and chatty (there’s a pattern here), but he’s quickly becoming a tyrant.

Now, for context, I work part-time in a really basic admin role. I enjoy the job and the people I work with, but I’m not a high flyer in my employed work by any stretch of the imagination. I work hard for the hours I’m in work, and my time is pretty full with tasks.

Yet, my boss wants to move the business forward, and wants me to come up with ways I can help to progress the business in my down time.


I’m in admin, not marketing, not business progression, not anything remotely geared towards moving businesses forward.

He says that he is drowning in his workload. He’s getting paid £125,000!!!! I’m getting less than a tenner an hour.

How to cope with the boss from hell

All of this has led me to put some coping strategies into place.

I’ve had two sleepless nights this week worrying that I’m going to be pushed out of a job I love because I’m not business-minded or something. I feel ill, I’m off my food (so not like me), and it’s been occupying my mind throughout pretty much every waking minute.

So, this is what I’ve decided to do in order to help me cope:

  • Stick to my set hours – the workload is manageable if I do this, and I’m not working for free.
  • Switch off at home after work by spending time with the kids and not checking my phone for emails etc.
  • Maintain a friendly, professional manner (I can swear about him when I get home).
  • Politely refuse requests to do jobs that are out of my remit.
  • Take a breath before responding to his emails.
  • Build up my own business so I can walk out the door in a few months and never look back!

They’re only simple things, but they’re helping me, so I thought they might help you too!

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